I gotta tell you...I'm into the finer side of kink, and this is a collection of the sites that I've found to be the best on the 'Net.
My appetite is pretty vast, and my tastes are vari
ed. So if you like BDSM, Femdom, Bondage, Flogging, Clamps, CBT, Latex,
Spreader Bars, Electricity Play, Domination, Slavery, Ball Gags, Spanking, Rope Work, Humiliation, Pony Girls, Strapon Sex,
Torture, Domination, Medical play, Pain, Blindfolds, Handcuffs, Whips, Puppy Play, Submission, Cages, Smothering, Boots,
Sadism, Trampling, Goths, Fucking Machines or Masochism, then you should find something that you like.

I've also gathered up some free porn for you, sites where you can meet some to date, cam sites, and BDSM/Femdom/Alternative
resource sites. The site is a work in progress, so if you don't find what you want right now, Bookmark it, and check back later;
chances are you'll find it then. In an attempt to organize things, you can see everything by starting right here on the main page, or
you can click category links. Since kink can be so rich, varied, and overlapping, some things may be in more than one category.

Bondage Male Dom/Fem sub Latex & Other Shiny Femdom
Femdom Phone Sex Medical Play    
Miss Suffer is an artist breathing life into your
darkest fantasies and choreographing a
dance of decadent depravity that leaves
you yearning to serve at her feet.

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Suffer My Desire

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You'll love the sounds of beautiful,
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Sex and Submission

Let me hear them beg to cum!
Fetish Nation

I'm going to be totally honest, this is my
favorite fetish site online. I'd love to have
Ian Rath's job. He is a famous photographer
as well as being the devious mind behind the
shoots. The site will end up being in nearly
category we have, it's just that varied!
Fetish Nation

I wanna play doctor
with hot women

This is the place where women rule, and they
rule in a no-holds-barred extreme manner.
This site is filled filled with strict and nasty
Dommes and sobbing, submissive males.
Divine Bitches

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